Many of the fifty-some artists at Eco-Depot Marketplace will be sharing their techniques in workshops throughout the year.

Our artist-designed classes are meant to be fun and friendly and allow for participants to take home new skills or finished projects. While most of our workshops take place in our fully air-conditioned gallery, fully submersed in the funky, creative atmosphere, some of our artists are utilizing their private studios. Offerings will include marbling, fiber arts, recycled arts, guided meditation and more.

Our schedule consists of events on the Second Saturdays, Third Thursdays and Fourth Fridays of each month (excluding Dec). Refreshments and libations are always on hand to enhance the creative process and we count smiles and laughter as important as the art we are making. Participants can release their frustrations by shredding magazines to make mosaic masterpieces – or squeeze the dickens out of pulp to make their own paper. One can breathe life and intention into a prayer pot or come in for a creative energy cleansing.

Click here for full schedule and to sign up!